About Me

My career journey.

As a designer, I focus on creating innovative and approachable products, services and experiences that solve real problems and make a significant improvement in people’s lives.

I’ve been privileged to have an eclectic mix of experiences in a wide range of environments – all of which contribute to my perspective as a UX Designer. Roles and responsibilities have included working as project manager and trainer in the NGO space, in sales and marketing, in financial service, in real estate and managing boutiques. I’ve also developed and run my own retail business and brand, including both a brick and mortar and online shop. The common theme in all of these has been about creative problem solving and delivering the best experience for everyone. 

Dynamic, fast-paced, cooperative, goal-focused environments are where I thrive best, as they enable me to express my creativity and realise my goal to empower others.

What sets me apart.

Having lived and worked or studied in seven countries, and speaking three languages fluently, I have developed a global perspective, enhanced my empathy and honed my ability to adapt. This global lens enables me to design inclusive, culturally sensitive, and scalable experiences that cater to diverse user needs to stay competitive in the global market.